Getting around the Event Zones

Will there be event shuttle buses operating between the Event Zones?

Yes, there will be multiple event shuttle buses operating on a continuous loop with a bus approximately every 10 minutes from Zone B (short walk from Zone A) to Zone C. On Saturday an event shuttle bus will operate every 10 minutes between Event Zones B, C and D Please be advised that you may be required to queue at busy times.

Will the event shuttle buses be free?

Children under aged 4 years and below will travel free, however passengers aged 5 and over will need to purchase a ‘Tall Ships Day Ticket’ priced at £2.00 per person per day. You can use the event shuttle bus as many times as you wish on the day you have purchased a ticket for.

Can we use the event shuttle bus between Event Zones if we haven’t parked in a Park and Ride site?

Yes, event shuttle bus travel tickets will be available to purchase on the bus at £2 per person per day.

How far is it to walk between Event Zones?

You can download a table here that shows you the walking distance between each event zone and approximately how long that will take when walking at a medium pace. 

Which roads will be affected by the event?

Road closures will be announced at the end of June. Please check the event website for details.

Is there a train/bus station nearby?

Yes, Sunderland has a centrally located train station, bus interchange and metro rail service. All areas are well serviced by taxis. For more information on travel and transport questions, go to the event website

Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes, you can bring your bicycle in to all Event Zones except Zone A at the Port of Sunderland, however there will be a Bicycle Hub to leave a bicycle adjacent to Event Zone A.
Bicycle Hubs will also be available at Event Zones B, C and D to leave bicycles.
Please note bicycles are left at all Bicycle Hubs at owners risk and should be locked securely with a lock that you will need to bring with you. Security personnel will be monitoring the facilities. Use of the facilities is free.