Sophie Lisa Beresford

Aurora and Infinite : Sophie Lisa Beresford and DJ Infinite

A highly unusual example of Sunderland's own street culture.  Sophie fuses cultural heritage going back centuries with contemporary Mackem street style rave culture to celebrate the city and its residents.

Sophie has teamed up with Rewired Records, a 'North East Style' music label, to bring local rave music to the Tall Ships Races Sunderland.

This Performance will include singing, dancing, a DJ set and a few surprises!

Sophie Lisa Beresford

Sophie Lisa Beresford is a Wearside born and based Artist. Sophie’s art is diverse and ranges from paintings to costumes to songs. Sophie aims to uplift people with her art whilst celebrating her North East Culture and Heritage.

Sophie uses her performances to share her belief that “it's time we (the North East) recognise ourselves as a culture of talented creative’s and that others recognise us for that too- my hope is that we deeply embed our powerful & positive attributes into the forefront of our Northern Identity, for us and our future generations to enjoy and be empowered by.”