Thomas Potts

WEAR PIRATES, WE ARRRRRRRRR! celebrates a microcosm of Mackem mania by following the humorous misadventures of three characters; Spottee, Dottee and Pottee, a trio of eccentric seadogs who find themselves shipwrecked in Sunderland. They squabble and bicker over whose fault it was that they ended up in this strange and mysterious place and inadvertently begin to uncover some stories from Sunderland’s rich past. As their story unfolds, we discover that they have a lot in common with various Sunderland notables including Joseph Swan, the man behind the light bulb; Clarkson Stanfield, the marine painter and Spottee finds out about his ancestor and namesake, the smuggler who haunts the caves of Roker ravine.

Thomas Potts, alongside performance partner Jordan Carling, studied for an MA in Theatre and Performance. Thomas and Jordan have steadily been forging a presence in the region since they graduated.  In addition to their own work, they have appeared together in productions at The Royalty Theatre, The Peoples Theatre and have performed together at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  They are appearing as part of The Tall Ships Cultural Programme as part of Eon Arts CIC, a multi-faceted arts organisation specialising in highlighting local heritage and history as well as supporting Sunderland based artists.