Route map

Sunderland (UK) 11-14 July 2018

The City of Sunderland has the honour to be the start port for The Tall Ships Races in 2018. Hosting the event for the first time, Sunderland, a city by the sea has a commercial port as well as a multi award-winning coastline and riverside. The city’s relationship with the sea goes back many centuries from once being the largest shipbuilding town in the world to our ever busy Port of Sunderland which celebrates its 300th birthday in 2017.

Hosting the Tall Ships fleet, with crews and visitors from all around Europe and beyond, will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the city’s rich culture, heritage and of course Sunderland’s well-deserved friendly reputation.

Esbjerg (Denmark) 18-21 July 2018

After overwhelming successes in previous events, Esbjerg is, once again proud to be a host port for this prestigious event. In 2014 the city welcomed over 600,000 visitors to the four day festival with many visitors taking the opportunity to get on-board the beautiful ships and meet their fascinating crews.

Esbjerg is increasingly recognised for its university facilities, sporting activities, notable museums and entertainment venues. Now the largest port in Denmark by area, 2018 will see the 150th anniversary of the port which is widely regarded to be the foundation of the city.

Cruise in Company

From Esbjerg the vessels will sail a Cruise-in-Company leg to the city of Stavanger. Before leaving Danish waters, there will be an opportunity to visit the city of Hirtshals on the North West coast of Denmark. Situated within easy reach of the main shipping channels, Hirtshals is at the centre of one of the main Danish tourist areas with plenty to see and do for visiting crews and trainees.

Stavanger (Norway) 26-29 July 2018

2018 will be the fourth time The Tall Ships Races will have visited, and the city is delighted to once again welcome ships and crews from around the world. Following previous events, returning ships and crews will experience new developments in both the harbour and the city centre with now more than 1.5 km of uninterrupted quays right in the middle of the city.

Stavanger boasts an impressive assortment of museums and cultural events. As a former European Capital of Culture the city continues to deliver a wide variety of events and activities, many of which will be within easy reach of the ships as they visit this intriguing host port.

Harlingen (The Netherlands) 3-6 August 2018

Harlingen, one of the oldest seaports in The Netherlands, most recently hosted The Tall Ships Races in 2014. A gateway to northern Holland the city is a yachting centre with two ancient tidal docks, the Noorderhaven and Zuiderhaven surrounding its historic centre giving Harlingen its unique character.

Ship and yacht building have always been part of the local industry with historic warehouses and stately homes of ship owners lining the Noorderhaven. With its fantastic facilities and experience of organising large maritime events such as the Fishery Days, Frisian Harbour Days and the Tall Ships Races Harlingen is set to be a fitting end port for what promises to be a truly memorable race series.